We deliver all of our products to your dorm room for a convenient moving experience!

We are still accepting orders and have a limited supply of products readily available for delivery. 

Shelving Units:

Each shelf is hand built using high quality natural wood for a more sturdy structure and better furniture appearance.

Bed Shelf

This shelf acts as a head board. It covers up the large, dull wall behind your bed and creates an easy place for decorations and storage. This shelf contains two embedded shelves; however, the top of the shelf is fully funcional and is used by most as a third shelf.

Desk Shelf

This shelf sits on top of the desk and creates an easy place for decorations and storage. It contains only one embedded shelf; however, the top of this shelf is also fully functional and used by most as a second shelf. The desk shelf is perfect for organizing all of the necessary study materials accumulated in college!

Rent For Two Semesters


Rent For Two Semesters


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LED Lamp

This LED Lamp is perfect for using either at your desk or for stuyding in bed. The LED Lamp is wireless and comes with a re-charging cord and USB outlet as pictured. You can either clamp it on or set it on the desk.

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TV, Microwave, and Mini-Fridge - Delivered and Installed

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Renting vs. Buying

We offer a large majority of our shelves to be rented through our rental program for several reasons. Often times, our customers are unsure if they will be living on-campus after their freshman year, as many students choose to live off-campus for the last three years of their college career. Those that decide to move off-campus after their freshman year typically find themselves wondering what to do with their shelves when move out day comes. Renting the shelves instead of buying them outright gives our customers the freedom to choose where they live in the following years, without being stuck with a shelf custom designed to fit the furniture in the dorm rooms on-campus. However, we do offer our customers an option at the end of the year to purchase the shelves they have already rented. The purchase premiums to be paid at the end of the year are $80 and $50 for the bed shelf and desk shelf, respectively.

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